Monday, April 30, 2007

Welcome to my Blog!

Hello to whoever may be reading this. I am going to try my hand at blogging. I might post daily or monthly or might even forget I created this blog entirely. (LOL!)

Note -- this is where I plan to ramble, vent, cry, celebrate, show off finished projects, or whatever. At times, I might put you to sleep (which might come in handy for my insomniac friends), I might anger you (flame away, I have flame-proof panties on most of the time), I might make you cry (bring-yer-own-tissues...sorry), and I am prone to using cuss words when I'm emotional so you have been warned. ;-)

As of right now, I have no clue how to go about this whole blogging thing (like posting pictures, handling comments, etc.) so please bear with me as this is a learning process for me if I don't give up. *hee hee* I just know that I have thoroughly enjoyed reading other people's blogs and decided that maybe, just maybe, this could be a good thing for me, too.

Anyway, if you're still with me, then congratulations. You may have won a door prize but I forgot where I put them. *snort*