Saturday, November 15, 2008

Another quick finish

I stitched this card today for a person that I don't want to leave out this Christmas. I hope she likes it. :-)
It's a bit late tonight, so I'll probably wait until tomorrow to get started on a huck towel for my grandmother. It's a rooster and I'm dreading it! I apologize to you rooster lovers out there but man oh man, I do detest roosters. *gag* LOL ;-)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Bookmark finish

And there it is! This is for my Uncle Ronnie for Christmas this year. Every year, I try to make a little something for him. He is one who appreciates every stitch and the efforts put into handmade items. :-)
The design is called "Authors" and is from a Cross My Heart booklet titled "Page By Page". I stitched it with plain ol' DMC on a prefinished Charles Craft 18 count white aida bookmark. To finish it off, I applied blue sticky-back felt to the back side of the bookmark.
Why do I wait until it's almost too late before I start my Christmas stitching??? *slapping self in forehead* I saw once where a woman was going to try stitching her gifts during the first six months of the year, then spend the rest of the year stitching for herself. I need to ask her how that turned out. Maybe I should try it in 2009? That and I neeeeeeeeeed to go on the wagon and quit buying more stitching stuff! *slapping self in forehead again*
Thanks for your comments on my posts. I really enjoy reading what others have to say. Meanwhile, TGIF and have a great weekend!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Two finishes fresh from the framer!

Hahaha, I like the tongue-twister title. Oops, I did it again! LOL!

Here are two of my recent finishes back from the framer's today:

My Brother

Lizzie Kate's Flip-Its

I am so excited to have them! I will give the "My Brother" picture to my brother (like that's news to anyone, LOL) for Christmas and the other is for me. :-)

Also, here's my clock that I stuffed with orts and other leftover stitchy things:

I showed my husband the clock and explained how I had saved thread orts, floss wrappers and tags, pieces of perforated paper, etc. to fill it with. He looked at it for a bit then turned to me and said, "'s filled with stitching trash." I tried not to laugh at his comment but couldn't help myself. ;-)
It's been a great day (for a Monday - LOL). Hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far. Hopefully I'll be able to post a bookmark finish in a day or two. Stay away from me, you dreaded frog!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Top secret project revealed! (4 pics)

My mother received the top secret project today so I can tell you guys about it now. Woo hoo!
I stitched Lynne Nicoletti's "Wedding Envelope" in honor of my parents' 46th wedding anniversary. I made the postmark their actual wedding date and I made the price of the stamp 4 cents, just like it was in November of 1962. The really cool thing I did with this envelope is that I used a very special Thread Gatherer silk floss for their names...the same floss used in a project for my late, great Aunt Linda -- a project my mother now owns and cherishes. :)
Here's the front of the envelope:

And here's the back:

Here is the back of the envelope with the flap open so you can see the lining fabric:

Here's one of the sides: (which I did stitch by hand, thankyouverymuch! LOL)

I, um, have a confession to make. There have been several new additions to my 4" Gingher family. *hee hee* Sarah has joined us and Roberta is (finally!) on her way. Today, Gloriana was welcomed to the family, too. Hiiiiiiiiii, Gloriana! Woo hoo! I will post pictures soon because I would rather let Roberta arrive first and get a picture of the whole happy family. I loooooooooove my Ginghers! I do use them, too. It's a ton of fun and gives me great pleasure to switch out Ginghers to use on various projects. I like to try and make the scissors match whatever project I am working on. Plus, matching scissors to projects helps feed my borderline OCD. HAHAHAHA!

Hope everyone is going to have a great Friday and that the weekend will allow us all some frog-free stitching time. Speaking of frogs...has anyone seen my frog fob? I can't find it. *scratching head*