Friday, September 7, 2007

The Bluebonnets are done!!!

A very happy dance going on here -- I finally finished stitching the "Bucket of Bluebonnets" for my mother. Woo hoo! Those dang bluebonnets were going to drive me crazy. (Like I'm not already crazy???) I haven't washed or ironed the piece yet but plan to do so this weekend. We're supposed to get so much rain and flooding that perhaps I could just lay the piece outside and let Mother Nature wash it for me. ;-) Anyway, I oughta be able to post a picture next week.

There's a small addition to my WIP list -- a little piece I'm doing for my mother-in-law for Christmas or her birthday. She loves those little doll things called "pick-a-ninnys" (if I spelled that right) so I found a cute bench with three of them in an old leaflet called "All God's Chillun" (again -- if I spelled that right). Like I said, it's a small piece but she'll love it.

Radiology school has sure kept me busy lately. How am I supposed to get any stitching done? Maybe I should go to my instructors and tell them that this schedule is not working well, that it's taking away too much of my stitching time. That should go over well, don't you think?

Back to stitching...this is my birthday month and I plan to shop for more stash this weekend or next weekend. Yay!!! More goodies in the mail! LOL! After that, I plan to slow down and not buy as much. *full body shudder* I'm running out of stash room. I either need to slow down on my stash purchases (which is hard but possible), sell some of what I have (ain't happenin'!!!), or make the boys share a room so I can take over one of their bedrooms (sounds good to me). In order to keep somewhat of a sense of peace and tranquility in the house, it's best that I let the boys keep their own rooms. *sigh* ;-)

Brad's little 2-yr-old cat is sickly and I have to take her to the vet today at 3:30. She's normally either super-playful or super-mean and she hasn't been any of those things. Today is day #3 and as of this morning, I knew she was really sick and not just being lazy or tired. She doesn't even want to play or bite me, which is a major red flag when we're speaking of the cat from Hell. Plus, she normally gobbles down a can of Fancy Feast cat food but last night she didn't even eat half of it. Poor kitty...hope she's okay even though she's not worth the vet bill. (LOL -- just kidding! I can already hear my mother griping about that last comment. hahahahaha)

I've been trying to blog at least every Friday even though my schedule is very limited. I love the comments some of the readers have been leaving. :) I'm considering making it to where I don't have to approve the comments. If someone comes along and posts something they shouldn't then I can always delete it. Meanwhile, keep reading and commenting. I'll try to post pictures soon.