Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My needle is sssssssssmokin'!

What a productive stitching month August has been so far! Last night, I finished the "September" Stamp in the Lizzie Kate series I have been working on. Here it is so far:

Yay, just three more to go and that piece will be off to the framer! :-)))

On a different note...I am learning to tell people "NO". Too many people are pulling me in too many directions. I cannot be everything to everyone. *sigh* So why do I still feel guilty? I have to work on that or else I am going to explode.

Meanwhile, at least I'm getting some therapeutic stitching time in. Without that, I would have surely gone postal by now. ;-)

Saturday, August 2, 2008

4 of 10 HIH patterns are done! :-)

And there it is! The quarter is in the picture as a size reference...teeny tiny! One more pattern and I'll be halfway done with this piece.
What a great stitching month I am having so far! Woo hoo! Hopefully, I can keep up this progress, especially after July was such an awful stitching month.
Well, Brad and I are off to get a late-night snack and then maybe, just maybe, I won't be too tired and I can get more stitching in. *crossing fingers*

Friday, August 1, 2008

Hi, Olivia! Welcome home!

Today, the Gingher 4" embroidery scissors in the Olivia pattern arrived. Welcome home, Olivia! LOL! I'm too lazy to take a picture right now but I promise to post a picture of my scissor, I mean...scissor collection soon.

The real reason I'm posting right now is because I just finished my very first scissor fob. It is "No Frogging Allowed" by Stitchy Kitty. I even made the cording. It's less than perfect (as are 99.8% of my finishes) but I love it!

Here is the front:
And here is the back:

Ironically, I had to frog a few stitches on the back of the fob. LOL!

Thanks for looking! I'm off to see if I can get some stitches in on a WIP before my eyes get too heavy. Bye for now! :-)