Thursday, June 18, 2009

Announcing the winner and introducing something new...

Hello everyone! I am so sorry for being a day late in drawing names for the Just Nan chart. The winner is...*drumroll*...Taffy! Woo hoo, congrats to Taffy! Thanks to everyone for the nice comments and entries. It's always fun to have drawings. :) Taffy, I'll e-mail you this evening with a request for your snail mail address.

Now I have to introduce everyone to the latest addition to my sewing/craft room. *another drumroll* Here it is:

HAH! You thought it was going to be another pair of Ginghers, didn't you! LOL!!! There it is in all it's glory...and I haven't even cleaned it up yet. It's a National Two Spool treadle sewing machine -- formerly Eldredge but bought out and manufactured by National. After some extensive Googling, the best information I can find so far is that it was manufactured between 1908 and the 1920's. As far as I can tell, it's only missing a presser foot, a leather belt, and a plate to cover the bottom spool housing. It may take me a long time but I want to get this thing up and running!

Here are two more pictures of it all settled in my room: (pardon the open mini-blinds -- the cat has just gotta see outside, donchaknow?!?!?)

We've just started redoing the back living room and totally converting into my craft room. I am so excited that I could just screeeeeeeeeeeeam! :))) More pictures to come later as we change things up.

In job news, I have an interview next Tuesday for the 911 dispatcher job. I've said my prayers and kept my mind open to any direction the Lord may or may not want me to go and all I sense is to just go for it. So I am. LOL

I'm working on getting my June stitching goals accomplished but doubt I will make them all. Oh well, it's fun trying. ;-)

Thanks again to everyone for checking out my blog. I really enjoy everyone else's blogs, too, and some of the recent comments have shown me some new blogs to check out which I will do soon.

Happy stitching!


Julie M said...

Hi Lori! So where did you find that beauty? I have an old singer treadle. It was in horrible condition when I bought it. Someone had painted it white. Hubby refinished it and it looks much better now! Congrats on the craft room! I'm working on getting mine back from Dan. It's gonna be a process!

LoriRay said...

Thanks, Julie! :) Brad and I found it at an antique shop about 30 miles from where we live. We got a great deal on it.

I'd love to see your Singer machine! I haven't cleaned mine yet as I want to read up on what to do and what not to do. I'd just faint if I messed up the finish on the table or the sewing machine. Eeek!

Now get off the computer and go claim your craft room! LOL ;-)

Kellie said...

Lori, that is a gorgeous sewing machine. I have a similar one that belonged to my great grandmother and it is truly a treasure. Good luck with your interview. Hopefully you will soon be posting that you got the job. :)
Have a great rest of the week!!

Tammy said...

That's a beautiful machine! Hope you get the job :o)

Gloria said...

Love the sewing machine. Obviously it has been taken good care of because it is in beautiful condition. You were wise to not pass up such a treasure.

Cindy F. said...

Oh girl1!!! What an incredible find! It looks like it's in amazing condition! My mom still sews on her grandmother's Singer. Love it!!

Congrats to Taffy!

LoriRay, I wish you ALL the luck with your 911 interview...but I just know you're going to get it! So don't be yourself and you're a shoe-in;) (((HUGS)))

Pam said...

Oh, what I would give to be able to have a craft room. My kids are still young, but I keep telling myself that, maybe, someday, it will beccome a reality in my house. Keep us posted on the updates!

Meire Aparecida Rubio de Amorim said...

Hi, I love your blog!!My name is Meire and I live in Brazil.I love cross stich and patchwork too. I have a litle girl ( 2 years- old)I liked make a new frindship in other countries. Soory, my english is not very Bye.

Marceli said...

Hi there!

I just bought a Two Spool about two weeks ago on Ebay. I'm trying to get people together that own one because they are so rare and there is not a lot of documentation. Please keep in touch on your progress of restoring it. You can find others that own one like that in the webshots galleries, and I'll keep updating my blog

Great find!