Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Want to come stitch with me?

Hello fellow stitching/scissor/craft addicts! :-)

Next week, we will be having Thanksgiving at our house. Not only does this mean lots of family and friends coming over to eat or just visit, but it also means I have to clean the house super-duper good! Okay, so I don't really have to but my borderline OCD says I have to. Today I started with bathroom #3 (which is the smallest of the three) and my craft room (which is really a second living room but who cares, right?). Wanna see?

This is standing in the doorway of the room looking towards hubby's computer area (the desk on the left) and my computer/sewing/crafting area (the desk on the right), and the built-in bookshelves in the back (center) of the room:

The windows you see on the right are my garden/sun room. I did an excellent job of cleaning it out last week. That was one of those things that got terribly neglected while I was working. I got it all nice and neat...just in time for hubby and boys to pile firewood in there and make a mess exactly one day later. Oh well, after this post I will go sweep up the firewood bits that are on the floor. Besides, I think I'd rather have dry firewood and a nice, warm fire on a cold night when it's raining as opposed to no fire at all because the wood is outside in the rain. Don't you agree? Oh yeah - a real plus is that I didn't even have to help cut or haul the wood. So see? A little mess isn't all that bad. :)

Wait...did someone just ask a question? Ohhhhhhhh, okay...someone wants to see the shelves and cabinets up close. Well, here are the shelves:
And the cabinets below house much of my sewing stuff, like fabrics and patterns:

To the right is a doorway which leads to the little bathroom. Now isnt' that just too convenient? Ya' get all busy doing crafts and next thing ya' know...well, at least I don't have to rush all the way to the other end of the house to use the bathroom. (Note: There is a bathroom in the middle of the house but I try not to go in there because the boys use that one. Suffice it to say "eww". Trust me.) Anyway, 2 outta 3 bathrooms are always clean. Here is the one connected to my craft room:

To the left is my cross-stitch stash closet. It's a horrible mess because I've got tons of boxes piled on the floor. Shhhhhh, don't tell the boys, my mother-in-law, and my uncle because some of their Christmas gifts are hidden away in those boxes. Should the boys peek inside, they will just think it's crafty stuff. Hah! Let's keep that our little secret. *hee hee* Anyway, sorry for the mess but here it is:
Yikes! It looks awful but I promise when Christmas is over that it will look purdy darn tidy again. :) I love my stash closet.

Now when I put my back against the built-in bookshelves between the messy stash closet and the little bathroom, here is the view to the right:

The doorway on the left is the opening to the informal dining room. That is my mother-in-law's piano that she had since she was a little girl, my old National / Eldredge two-spool sewing machine, a bay window, lots of sewing goodies piled around, and a little four-legged table that belonged to my husband's maternal grandmother. They built that table together so it's extreeeeeeeeemely special. :-)

Looking to the left, here is what you see:

That's the door to the garden room / sun room, an old wooden rocking chair, my Clark's spool cabinet (NOT totally the way it's supposed to be but hey, I love it!), and a comfy couch to sit and visit on. (That's often where I go when chatting on the phone with Mom or friends. Both sides recline. Ahhhhhhhhh!) That big ol' square coffee table houses all of our CDs, board games, and family fun stuff, including photos. There are hours of great family memories and fun inside that table.

Oh, about that Clark's spool cabinet, here it is up close:

And sitting next to my comfy couch is a sign I fell in love with because it made me think of my dear firewood haulin' hubby: (Note: the carpet isn't really red...it's maroon like in the other photos. Actually, it's OU maroon. No, I didn't plan it that way. It was like that when we moved in and I think it's pretty so it stays. No college football carpet in my craft room, thankyouverymuch! LOL)

Thanks for touring my crafty area. Feel free to come sit a while, chat, and stitch with me. Wouldn't that be great?

As the holidays approach, a lot of people tend to get depressed. Not me -- I focus on what all I have to be thankful for. We are all richly blessed...sometimes we just have to search our souls to see that. Don't let the holidays get ya' down. :-)

Happy stitching, everyone! Thanks for stopping by.


Deb said...

I'd love to come over and sit in your crafty space! You've got a lot of space and it looks so relaxing. Having that bathroom is such an added benefit, don't you think? And we won't say anything about what lurks in the closet! Your's looks so much like mine. But we can find what we need, right? And so that if they are a little messy - that's why they put doors on them, right? Love your stitching area and the fact that you have some nice natural light coming in. That can make a huge difference!

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

So when and where? better yet for how long? lol.Thanks for sharing your special room and the added nearby areas.
Be always in stitches

Daffycat said...

What a great place to stitch! Thanks for showing it to us! I really love your old spool cabinet. It's nice to have things that mean something to you being used.

Rachel S said...

I'll be right over.

Cindy F. said...

Loved the tour and you have many, many items I'd like sent to my home!
...and that stash closet is AWESOME!!

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with family:)

TinaTx said...

Thanks for the tour. That stash closet is wonderful!

Mary said...

Loved the tour of your home. Ah...please don't look in my closets!!

On a side note, the I35 Stitchers, we had our Christmas thing today. Loved Gloria's fudge...mmmmmmmm.

And guess what??!! I got the ornament she stitched. It's beautiful! It's a poisetta. And Gloria did a great job finishing it!!

Go to Cindy's blog to see pictures.


LoneStar said...

Hey gal!

We need more posts! How was your Thanksgiving? How was your Christmas? How was your visit down to Leander? What are you stitching on? Is the new embroidery machine keeping you busy?

Lisa (Texan)