Saturday, January 16, 2010

Another LHN Finish

Hello again! Surprised to hear from me again in less than a week? ;-)

Hot off the Q-snaps, the ironing board, and the sewing machine, I present to you my first wall-hanging:

Okay, so I guess "Repair Shop" was technically my first wallhanging but I didn't sew additional fabric on, etc. like I did with this one.

Here's the info on the piece: stitched over two on 28 count Vintage Light Examplar from Lakeside Linens with two strands of Crescent Colours hand-dyed floss. I sewed the coordinating fabric, my husband cut the dowel rod, and I made the cording with my Kreinik Custom Corder.

Overall, I am quite pleased. Not only am I pleased with my last two finishes, but also because I finished them without starting anything new. *listening to the gasps from my readers* No, nothing is wrong, I've just been on a finishing spree instead of a starting spree. I cannot guarantee how long it will last. *hearing new projects calling my name*

On a serious note, the people of Haita and all affected are in my thoughts and prayers. I cannot even begin to imagine what they have been through these past few days, what they continue to go through, and what the days/weeks/months that lie ahead hold for them.

Thanks for looking and may you all be richly blessed.


Irene said...

Looks wonderful, I love how you finished it.

Deb said...

What a wonderful finish LoriRay! I just love those designs and I like the way you made a wallhanging out of it.

Julie M said...

Beautiful finish!! Thanks for sharing it.

I too am overwhelmed by the tragedy in Haiti.

Vicky said...

Great finish LoriRay.

Daffycat said...

Seriously perfect! I love how you've finished this, great work!

Lainey said...

Love your finish Lori-ray, it is gorgeous!

Erynne said...

Ooooh, Lori, that is just beautiful!!!

Barb said...

Nice finish. I have that pattern, maybe I should dig it out. Great job on yours.