Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry (early) Christmas!

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is ready for Christmas by now. We are, and I can't wait to see the kids' faces when they open their presents. They're getting a few things they thought we didn't buy for them. *hee hee*

I finished my first semester in Radiology and got an A in everything except Radiation Biology. Dang it -- there went my chances to graduate with honors. No biggie...I'm still proud of myself and of my family. Without the support and understanding of my husband and kids, I couldn't have made it this far.

My last final was December 19th and I have done some serious marathon stitching since then. WOO HOO! My needle has been sssssssssmokin'! I started Shepherd's Bush "O Beautiful". The kit was an early Christmas gift from my husband. There are 27 steps of bands, 8 sets of the lines with wording, and 6 smaller steps of stitching. Of a total of 41 steps, I have now completed 11 of them. It's looking gorgeous so far.

Last night, I completed Lizzie Kate's March stamp on the Tattersoll fabric. Yay, 3 of 12 are done. Just 9 to go! hahahaha

I removed the Bent Creek Snapperville from my WIP list. *sigh* I accidentally cut the dang fabric too short, so I had decided to stitch it on two separate pieces of fabric (half on one piece, half on another). The plan was to have it framed in two frames but joined by hinges, sort of like a book, ya' know? Well, I'm just not happy with that idea after all. Since I can't make up my mind whether to toss the piece, continue with the plan, or just start it over, I've decided to just set it aside for now and do nothing with it or about it. We'll see what happens.

School doesn't start for me again until January 14th. Between now and then, I have to take some of that time and get our taxes for the shop done. Otherwise, I'll be trying to juggle that and school at the same time. thanks! If I can stay motivated and get the taxes done, then a big majority of my time will be stitching. Well, children-permitting, that is. LOL! I also plan on getting some blog-reading done, too. I've missed reading everyone's blogs and just roaming cross-stitch related sites.

Merry Christmas to everyone and have a safe and happy New Year's. *hugs*


Wawanna said...

Congratulations, you have done very well!! Juggling all you are doing is quite a task, you MUST be well organized to get it all done and so well accomplished. Good for you! Hope you can get in some stitching and some time for yourself.

DeniseIndy said...

Hey! Tony will be in Tulsa for the Chili Bowl. Can I sleep on your couch?


LoriRay said...

Denise - You betcha! :-) Heck, I'd even give ya' a bed to sleep in but we do have a really comfortable couch if that's your preference. LOL! School doesn't start back up until January 14th so we could hit the Chili Bowl and The Silver Needle. WOO HOO! Imagine the damage we could do with Tony and an LNS all in the same weekend. LMAO!