Wednesday, January 2, 2008

One more finish for 2007

I got in one more finish for 2007 -- just a small snowman. It was from a Bent Creek Zippie kit. I got the frame stained yesterday and hope to get it framed tonight or tomorrow.

December 31st found me frantically ordering a bunch of stash I don't really need but just HAD to have. Now that it's 2008, I'm officially on the 10/25/50 Challenge wagon. *full body shudder*

Here's my 10/25/50 Challenge plan:
1. No ordering of any new stash unless it's something needed to complete a project I already have (like threads, etc.), or unless it's a deal I can't pass up (like an incredible price or limited edition type of thing).
2. Complete as many projects as I can instead of buying new stash. I don't know yet if I'm going for 10, 25, or 50. We'll just see how long I stay on the wagon and how much I get done. The main goal is to buy less and stitch more.
3. Try to stay on the wagon for six months. A year would be better but 12 months of no stash buying??? Are you kidding me?!?!?
4. Afghan squares count as one finish. Projects that are difficult to finish (like a framing job that makes one want to scream and hurl the entire project across the room, difficult ornament finishing, etc.) may be counted as two finishes.

That's basically it for my 10/25/50 Challenge guidelines. You can follow my progress at the top of my blog. It may be slow going but I'll get some finishes posted up there eventually. ;-)

Over the past few days, not only was I able to complete the Bent Creek Zippie Snowman, but I also got some goooooooood stitching time in. YAY!!! I had what I call "Project ADD", which is where I basically hop from project to project. Got a couple of hours in on my Mill Hill kit, got the second part done on the "Mother's Wisdom" project (over one - ack!), and got quite a few hours in on my beloved afghan. Ahhhhhhhh, that felt good! Still no school for about a week and a half, so we'll see how much damage I can do between now and then. *mwah hahahahaha*

Hope everyone's New Year is starting off great. I love reading your comments! Thanks for reading and posting. :-)

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Wawanna said...

Good deal! You have some super goals, some of which I should adopt!!!! Hope you have a marvelous stitching year, lots of finishes, that way you can buy more stash. I am way tooooo stash heavy. Have fun with your projects.