Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Christmas needleroll finished

And there it is! The needleroll is a bit smaller than "normal" ones as it is only ornament-sized. It measures right under six inches tall and is less than two inches across at the widest point. I altered the design a bit and used a totally different button than what was called for in the pattern. Count this as one of my finishes that I'm proud of. :-) (Side note -- this is only the third needleroll I've ever made and is by far the smallest. It was a bugger to turn right-side out! LOL)

Well, that completes my ornament for February so I have go post it at the ornament SAL blog.
The stitching was finished on 1/25 but I "finished" it today. That makes my second ornament for the year, so I'm only one behind were I wanted to be. We'll see if February lets me catch up because I also want to make a floss tag for a friend. (Another side note -- I bought a Crop-A-Dile yesterday for those eyelets/grommets in the floss tags. I played with it last night and it's one handy-dandy tool! Okay, okay, enough free advertising. LOL)

Hope you're all getting some frog-free stitching time in. I plan on stitching this evening but don't know yet if I'll be working on "O Beautiful" (which is coming along VERY nicely!), or the floss tag, or maybe work on the finishing of the cancer piece I stitched for a friend. We'll see...but either way, I'm heating leftovers for dinner so you know what that means: more stitching time! Woo hoo! LOL ;-) Bye for now!


Eva said...

Lovely finish!

and isn't the Crop-a-dail fun? I love mine!

Daffycat said...

It turned out awesome. It's sooo pretty! Wonderful finishing.

tkdquintmom said...

Pretty pretty! Haha your word verification today for me is 'pedicat'. LOL where to they come up with these things?

Cindy F. said...

Good job! Congrats on your beautiful ornie finish! I love it!
Oooh, I love my crop-a-dile too!