Monday, January 26, 2009


There's the wrinkled "What Cancer Cannot Do" piece that I stitched for my friend who is battling breast cancer. It's all wrinkled from my Q-snaps and I haven't purchased the fabric to make a tuckable banner/frame for it yet...but the stitching is done. I altered the pattern a bit and didn't use the colors listed in the key, but here is where you can find the original pattern for free:
The fabric I used was 32 count Silkweaver Belfast linen, hand-dyed and called "Remembrance Rose". The lettering is done in Vikki Clayton/HDF "Dark Mauve" premium silk, and the rest is DMC floss.

Now here's my recent eBay win:

That's the "Wildly Western" kit by Bucilla to add to my complete(?) Tall Guys collection. I just love those Tall Guys! Surely now I have them all. Surely...

Last night, I finished the stitching and beading on my next Christmas ornament -- "Merry Christmas" mini-needleroll by Shepherd's Bush from the 1997 Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornament magazine. I am now pulling the threads for the ribbon. I've got the stuffing on-hand but am not sure about the ribbon. I'll have to look later to see if I've got the color and width I need to finish it off and take a picture.

So much for doing any shopping -- I am officially iced in now. We are not even supposed to get above freezing until Wednesday, and the weather forecasters seem to think our freezing rain will continue off and on between now and Wednesday morning. Great. *sarcasm* Oh well, if we lose power then we're prepared...we've got the fireplace and plenty of wood, lots of food, two generators, and my wonderful husband always makes sure that every time we lose power, at least one generator outlet is saved for my stitching lamp. :-)))

My housework and laundry are almost totally done, so in a short bit I will be working on the needleroll and other stitching. Tonight we are having leftovers so it looks like a great stitching day and evening to me. Woo hoo! Happy stitching, stay safe, and watch out for that ice!


Erynne said...

Lori, what a thoughtful piece to stitch for your friend; I'm sure she will love it to bits!
Sounds like you're going to have a nice night ;)

Miss 376 said...

What a lovely finish, I am sure it will be much appreciated by your friend

Daffycat said...

Yay, I love pictures! I like those Tall Guys, what a hoot!

We are iced in too. Watched cars and truck trying to get up the hill outside my house while I cooked dinner. Nobody made it up the hill until the sand/salt truck came through. Lord, and I HAVE to drive to work stores don't close for snow ~ boo!

Cindy F. said...

What a beautiful, thoughtful gift for your friend.
Can't wait to see your finished needleroll!
Stay safe!

Connie B said...

Very nice stitching! I may stitch that for a friend who recently lost her brother in law from cancer.

LoneStar said...

Your friend should love what you've stitched for her!

Why does is look like the cowboy on the right is wearing a frog for a bandanna? I'm just sayin'...

Lisa (Texan)

Carolyn said...

What a sweet, thoughtful piece to stitch for your friend. I have that pattern and had planned to stitch it for my dad, but....well, you know. :(

I LOVE your Tall Guys!! I can just see a wall with all of them stitched up. How cool beanareanies would that be??

I hope you are keeping inside and staying warm. Ya'll are surely getting funky weather.

Love ya, girl!
Carolyn :)