Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Awesome S.E.X., work-outs, etc...

Let's cover the awesome S.E.X. updates first...

I got my fabric in today from Cross Stitch Haven that I've been anticipating. It's sooooooo purdy! Of course the receipt doesn't list a fabric count or type or anything. *grrrrrrr* Again, I am promising myself that I'll take pictures and post them here. We'll see how long that takes me. ;-)

Today is the day I get to meet with the Tony Stewart lovin' ex-stitcher customer lady. Woo hoo! She gets off work at 6 and I'm going to meet here there. We spoke on the phone earlier and she said she has found her fabric and threads but that she will find her charts/leaflets soon. It's not even 5:15 at the moment and I can't wait until 6. *jumping around, drooling, and having hyper fits*

The mail was good to me Friday and today. Not only did my fabric arrive, but also a RAK package from a fellow board member arrived with a John Deere chart I just adore!!! Looks like the ol' stitching pile is going to get re-prioritized soon. *hee hee* Plus, on Friday, I received a RAK from someone on a board I used to frequent who I thought had long forgotten about me. What a nice surprise! I don't know if I have her e-mail address but I know she'd rather have a "real" thank you through the snail mail anyway so that's a little something I need to take care of this week. It really touched me that she remembered me. It doesn't matter how big or small an RAK is...it truly is the thought that counts.

My scrubs should be arriving this week for me to try on. The size we think I need comes with a 30" or 31" inseam. The sales rep said for me to try them on and see exactly how much length I need to have added on, then I'll mail those back and they'll get to work on my custom order. Hmmm...considering my normal jeans inseam is 36" or 38", I think we're going to have to add a wee bit. *snort* So, sometime this week, I get to see how I look in scrubs for the very first time. Well, capri-style scrubs anyway. LOL!!! Hey, maybe I can start a new trend. BAHhahahahaha!!!

To whoever may be reading...thanks for taking the time to peek into my world. I hope your world is treating you well, too. :)

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