Tuesday, August 7, 2007

More stitching pictures!

Hi everyone! As promised, here are a few pictures.

Here is the Heart in Hand Wee One "Birds" that I stitched for my mother. (This is what I called "funny" when it was a WIP because it made me laugh to see those little birds all over the place.) I bought some fabric and plan on making it into a tuck pillow or tuck banner...eventually. ;-) I stitched it over 2 on 28 count linen. It was a scrap piece so I don't recall who the manufacturer is, nor do I recall the color name...but it's what I would call a light tan / khaki. It appears that the linen is "gauzy" in the upper right of the linen but it really isn't. It's very solid as it appears in the lower left of the picture.

Next is the quilt square I did for a 123 Member's grandson. It is not my design -- it's just what the boy wanted on his quilt and another stitcher e-mailed me this pattern. :) It was stitched on 14 count white aida and is 12X12 inches square in the picture.

Now here is the WIP of my Lizzie Kate stamps on one piece of fabric. This is the fabric I referred to a while back as "mystery fabric". Another stitcher has since told me the name. I'm sure I'll butcher the name but it is "Tattersol" or something like that. Just January and February are done for now but it's a very fun and pretty quick stitch! The "true" color and appearance of the fabric is as it appears in the upper left. I don't know why my camera screws up the photos sometimes. I'm sure it's not the user. ;-)

Well, that's it for now! We're heading out of town tomorrow to Kansas to see Pat Green, Sugarland, and Kenny Chesney! WOO HOO! The concert is Thursday, August 9th, so listen for my screaming. *hee hee*
I will get a ton of stiching done on the 960 mile round trip -- yeah, buddy! Happy stitching, everyone! :)


Cyndi said...

I like the idea of doing all the LK designs on one piece of cloth - what will you do with it when it's finished?

LoriRay said...

Thanks! :) I would imagine I'll either frame the finished piece or make it into a wallhanging if I'm feeling really brave. It is a really fun stitch!

If memory serves me correctly, the series I am doing now are the 2003 LK stamps. There is another series you can do on the same fabric as well. Guess that means I'll have to buy more fabric. *hahahaha* ;-)

origami snail said...

love the birds there