Saturday, August 4, 2007

Ramblings from my stitching mind...

Well, I've added another project to the ones I kitted up and set aside not too long ago. I now have The Drawn Thread's "Sampler Gameboard" all kitted up and ready to go. Since there aren't that many colors involved, I even put the DMC in there so I can just take it with me on trips should my little heart so desire. :)

Mother's Bluebonnets are almost done. YAY! I am soooooooo tired of that project. I am stitching it on white 14 count aida. I chose the aida because that's how the cover model was stitched and that's how my mother fell in love with it. There are gazillions of fractional stitches which are a major PITA on aida. *grrrrrr* Plus, I had to make a working copy and mark out stitches as I go because of the numerous color changes. I can stitch Noah's Sub with the original booklet and magnets to keep my place, but I had to make a working copy for the bluebonnets. Go figure. ;-)

When the bluebonnets are done, I must start the Tall Guys and/or the Gameboard Sampler. It's a major battle to not start one of them now but hey, the day is still young. LOL! Seriously, I really really really want to try to get Mom's picture done first. What is the big deal about starting new projects? Who knows but I sure have been bitten by the "New Start" bug...bitten hard, too. *sigh* There would probably be 50 WIPs in my pile if it wasn't for the teeny bit of willpower I manage to have most of the time.

School starts in two weeks. While I am greatly looking forward to starting the two years left on my Associate's in Applied Science Degree (specializing in Radiology), I am somewhat hesitant, too. This summer has spoiled me with lots of stitching time and that time will be greatly reduced. True confessions from an addict. There is no hope for me. *hee hee* My schedule is now 12 hours - which is regular full-time college - as opposed to the massive schedule I had the last two semesters which totaled 38 hours (if memory serves me correctly).

I'm semi-active on the boards again and that, too, will suffer when school starts. It'll all be worth it once I get a paying job. *ka-ching!* More stash shopping! *evil laugh*

Speaking of shopping...I need to buy a few things to kit up a couple more projects. Of course some are snowmen. *big grin* I'm waiting until later in the month when perhaps there's a new release I just can't live without. Drema at Needlecraft Corner is having a 25% off almost anything sale all month long so I'm betting my order will be with her.

Oh, before I of the things calling to me is something I have not set aside...yet. LOL! I have some 40 count fabric that's calling my name for an over one project. Stay tuned -- it'll end up as a WIP soon. Mark my word.

Last thing...Brad and I are going to Kansas next week for 3 days to see Pat Green, Sugarland, and Kenny Chesney in concert! WOO HOO! We are leaving Wednesday morning so I hope to get a few more pictures posted by then. I also hope to have my mother's bluebonnets finished, too. (Shhhhh Mom, I can hear you screaming from here!) LOL!

To everyone who reads my ramblings, I hope life is treating you good. Now that my minor but aggravating health issues and horrendous computer problems seem to have passed, you won't hear me complaining.

Happy stitching to all and may the frog park somewhere other than our stitching!

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