Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Lizzie Kate "August" Stamp is finished

With my stitching time being basically nil due to the boys' baseball games, I am lucky and glad to have been able to finish another block on this WIP. :-))) Just four more blocks/months to go -- yippee!

I have got to make myself work on that gift for a friend now. It's one of my June goals to get it finished and mailed this month. I'd better hurry -- the clock is ticking!


Miss 376 said...

I love the Aug block, and it's amazing what you can acomplish in 5 days!

Mistylynn said...

I love these. Looks wonderful LoriRay.

Kim said...

Love your project, I really like them stitched on one piece of fabric.

I know how much baseball can cut into sttiching time...Our season will end this Saturday unless he decides to play All-Stars.

Lisa said...

Looking good Lori!!!(clapping for you)

LoneStar said...

I love the sunflowers in the August square! While living in Kansas for six years, I fell in love with sunflowers. They're my second favorite flower; bluebonnets are my first. Nice work!

Lisa (Texan)

~Julie~ said...

Those are just too precious!! You know..I'm really starting to get a different opinion of Lizzie*Kate designs. I never was that big of a fan, but the more finishes I see....the more my mind is starting to sway. lol! I'm normally very cut & dry about what I like and don't like..but I'm on the fence with LK stuff now...thanks a lot, LoriRay!!! It's all YOUR fault. You just had to post pictures of these darling little LK Stamps that I REALLY LIKE. You're going to have to make me go see the stitchiatrist again. =D

Keep up the fabulous stitching! It really is looking lovely!