Monday, June 30, 2008

Teeny ornament finish

I spent the better part of today stitching on a gift for a friend. It's about 1/3 done so I decided to take a break from that project.

In my stash, I found the cutest little stuffed ornament design by Stone & Thread called "Snowflake". (Does it really come as any surprise that I had a snowflake pattern in my stash?) I decided to stitch it up, attach the button, and finish it into an ornament before I went to bed. It's done! I didn't follow any directions or use any instructions...I just went with it. It measures about 4" square. I added a blue and tan checked fabric for the backing and then added a blue cord to hang it with. It's not perfect but I'm very happy with my first ornament finish, especially since I didn't follow any instructions or anything. Here it is:

It won't really hang on the wall like in the photo. I will find a spot for him near my year-'round snowman display. (That was another lil' tidbit of info that shouldn't surprise you.)

For the next ornament, I will follow some instructions because I do want the next one(s) to turn out better...but I'm happy for now.

Meanwhile, I'm quite sleepy as it's 1:05 AM, Central time now. I just had to finish that lil' guy and get it posted before I went to bed.

Nite nite to everyone and happy stitching! :-)


Miss 376 said...

I love the button, makes him look so cheeky

~Julie~ said...

Hi LoriRay!! Julie here (humorschild from 123). =D

That ornament is adorable!! You've done a terrific job on it, and please post even more pictures when you've joined with it's other little snowmen companions! It's so darling! =)


riona said...

Adorable and the button really gives it "personality". Isn't it satisfying to finish an item, even a small one? I know what you mean about wanting to improve one's finishing skills, though ... I need to work on squaring off the finishes on some of my ornaments. See my June 28 entry for an illustration of what I mean. I fudge the uneven-ness sometimes with a beaded edge or some braid but I would dearly love to have a perfectly straight sewn edge.

Rachel S said...

That is so sweet!

Lisa said...

how darling..I love the new stash, specially the lil beed kits Frosty and Merry...oh and sure you can come live with me, then we would get some stitching done...hehehe