Monday, December 15, 2008

New project, new scissors, and COLD!

The picture above is my latest new project. If I don't quit starting projects, I will have a gazillion WIPs. LOL! Anyway, what you see is a barbed wire border that will surround my "neighborhood" project. If you don't know what a cross-stitched neighborhood is then you are missing out! Over on the right side of my blog, if you scroll down you will see a list of links to other blogs. Check out the two "Me, Myself, and I" blogs for more information, instructions, more links to other neighborhoods, and some pictures. Google also turns up quite a few hits if you type "neighborhood round robin". Mine won't be a round robin but those round robin links will show you some awesome pictures! One of my stitching goals for 2009 will be to work on my neighborhood at least once a week, even if just for a bit.

See the scissors above? If you guessed that those scissors are the latest to be added to my collection, then you guessed right! *mwah hahaha* Welcome home, Lanell! *drool drool* Lanell should feel right at home with the rest of the 4" designer Ginghers that live happily in my home. There aren't many left that I would love to add to my collection and then I can quit buying scissors with the exception of adding the new ones as they are released. No, really -- stop laughing. ;-)
The arctic air made it here to SW Oklahoma. BRRRRRRRRRR! We made it to 78 degrees yesterday and today we never made it past 24. Daaaaaaaaaaang! And we wonder why we're all sickly. Sheesh! Tonight we will be a whopping 15 degrees and our wind chill will be ZERO but we should "warm up" tomorrow to 33. One would think that with these cold temps that we could enjoy the snow or perhaps a freebie day at home due to ice or something but nooooooooooo, all we have received so far is just the bitter cold. :( However, there is hope! Our long-term forecast shows that we might -- just might -- get a white Christmas. *happy dancing*

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