Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Bent Creek's "Wedding Row" is finished!

This is my latest finish -- Bent Creek's "Wedding Row". Please pardon our loveseat in the top of the photo and our ironing board at the bottom of the photo. ;-) I will take another picture after having it framed and it was delivered to the framer's yesterday. Just three short weeks and I'll have it back. (sarcasm intended)
I did start something new. *sigh* I started Lizzie Kate's Stamps from 2003 on that mystery fabric I got from Cross Stitch Haven recently. I'm lovin' it and I'm not even done with the first square! Just 11 more to go after this square is done. LOL!
My BC Snapperville is pretty much dead in the water. I screwed up and cut the fabric too small so I decided to stitch half on one piece of fabric and the other half on another piece. My thought was that when it's complete, I can have it framed in two frames but joined in the middle like one of those "book-style" frames...you know the kind -- where the two frames meet in the middle with a hinge and can open and close like a book. Then I'd set it on a shelf. :) Well...I got the first half done, started the 4th of 6 squares and I have messed it all up. I've pretty much decided I either need to frog what I've done on the second half or just toss it and start fresh on the second half. Meanwhile, there it sits...
Mom's Bluebonnets are coming along nicely and so is the Sub. I haven't stitched on the MH kit in a week or so but I did sort the floss and the beads this past weekend. My afghan is on hold - as usual - while I get other stitching projects done. I've got to start the quilt square I promised but it isn't due until early September so it's not like there's any rush. I do want to have it done before I go back to college on August 20th though. I have promised myself I will start it on or before this coming Saturday. It looks like an easy stitch so surely I can get it done in a week or less if I just stay on it.
I've added my finishes for 2007 so far on the right side of my blog. If you scroll further down, you will see a link to my Photobucket albums. There you can find and view almost all of the finishes.
Hope everyone has a happy and safe 4th of July. We plan to (safely) set off some fireworks, eat, and I'm going to stitch until my fingers fall off. :D

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