Sunday, May 27, 2007

No stitching today...

...but I'm definitely getting some stitching done tomorrow. I'm going to work on the Sub for sure. I might force myself to work on Mom's Bucket of Bluebonnets, and I might even reward myself with some stitching on my afghan. *big huge grin*

Another plan for tomorrow is to try to quit smoking -- AGAIN. (Don't ask. LOL!)

We did a ton -- and I mean a TON -- of yard work today. We hauled off a pick-up bed full of garbage bags full of yard debris (like leaves, sticks, tumbleweeds, etc.) My body is telling me I over-did it - ouch.

Even if we have to move, at least the what-seems-like-miles of bushes are trimmed up nicely and the rock garden thing is all nice and neat again. The lawn is mowed and weed-eated, too, and the huge flower bed is halfway weeded and cleaned out. I hope we don't have to move but we're still playing the waiting game. We didn't run into too many bugs but Brad sprayed anyway. The mosquitos ate us up! I think I have about 20 bites. *itch itch* All in all, I think we spent about 4 hours on this huge yard. I've decided we need to be rich before we retire so we can pay someone to do our yardwork regardless of where we live or how big our yard is. (hahahahaha)

Tomorrow night is the demolition derby race across at the local track. It's not a regular demolition derby, but a RACE, too. No rules...just racing and crashing. We are talking about going to that. We also want to see Shrek 3 but it's still so crowded at the theaters. Plus, we can drink a few before the race and goodness knows I could sure use a drink or two (or eight, LMAO) right now. And before anyone wants to worry or lecture, we live across the street from the track so we can walk if we want to drink. :)

I guess that's all for now. I'm just trying to be a good girl and blog every so often so this place doesn't collect dust. I have enough dust around my house...don't need it here, too. ;)

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