Friday, May 25, 2007

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Well, I'm trying to quit smoking (again!). I hope to make it through all day Friday with no smokes. I desperately want to be a non-smoker! I will conquer this nasty, foul, unhealthy, and expensive habit.

I applied to get in to the Radiology program. *deep breath* Now it's time to play the waiting game. The powers-that-be said the applicants would find out sometime in June if we have been accepted into the program or not. I'm nervous!

My cross-stitch needle has been sssssssmokin'! I have worked a bunch on Noah's Sub, very little on my mother's Bucket of Bluebonnets, and really not much on anything else the past few days. I've got to learn to post pictures here but first I need to update my on-line photo albums. First priorities are the Sub and the Bluebonnets, of course, but I'd really like to work some on my Town Square afghan. Meanwhile, the Snapperville might become "Scrapperville" if I just trash the whole damn thing. I screwed it up from the start and have managed to mangle it even worse while I was trying to save it. I don't know what to do with it yet so it's just sitting in my WIP pile.

I got my major stash haul in from Drema at Needlecraft Corner. I am now the proud owner of my first (and certainly not last!) pair of Gingher scissors. They are the limited edition 4" embroidery scissors in the "Glory" pattern. They are awesome! With that order, I also got some Weeks and Gast threads, "Birds" pattern by Heart in Hand plus the little worm button by JABC (that goofy pattern made me laugh and it'll be for my Mom), four Pine Mountain pillow kits (all dealing with snowmen, of course - LOL!) and the pillow forms, too.

I've yet to hear from Criss Cross Row and I'm getting frustrated. No, my credit card has not been charged but still...c'mon now...don't you think two weeks is more than ample time to receive some kind of e-mail about your order? I know, I know...I heard she was having some issues/problems but still...I am not impressed.

ABC Stitch Therapy should be e-mailing me any day now to let me know my Kay's Frames are in. Yay!

We're supposed to go to the NHRA races in Topeka, Kansas, between June 1st and 3rd. We'll see. I'm sort of trying to talk my husband (Brad) out of it for many reasons. One reason is money, of course. Another reason is the weather might not be cooperative. There are a ton of small reasons but the most important is that he went to the doctor today and has to have this cyst surgically removed from his neck on June 5th. We don't have health insurance so we're going to have to pay for it out of our savings account. That's not my complaint. My complaint is that we don't need to be spending the money to travel that far to see a sport we know absolutely nothing about. *slapping self in forehead* We can do something else - a CHEAPER something else! - and still have a mini-vacation, ya' know? *sigh* We'll see...

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