Thursday, May 1, 2008

2007 Finishes

My list of "Recent Finishes" over on the right-hand side was getting too long. I decided to remove all of the 2007 Finishes and put them here.

12/31/07 - Bent Creek Zippie kit, "Snowman", for me! :-)
12/6/07 - Pine Mountain pillow kit, "Thoughts of Mother", a small Christmas gift for my mother
12/1/07 - Hinzeit's "Racing", a small Christmas gift for my 11-yr-old son
11/23/07 - a pattern from the "All God's Chillun" leaflet as a Christmas gift for my mother-in-law
11/1/07 - Pine Mountain "Snowman Face" pillow kit
10/30/07 - "MKT/Katy Railroad Logo" for my uncle
9/5/07 - "Bucket of Bluebonnets" by Country Cousins for my mother
7/28/07 - Quilt Square for a 123 Board Member's grandson
7/21/07 - "Birds" by Heart in Hand for my mother
7/8/07 - Faithwurks wooden cat with the phase "Here Mousey Mousey" (for my shelf with cat stuff on it)
7/1/07 - Bent Creek's "Wedding Row" (for me and Brad)
6/22/07 - Hinzeit's "Nurse" (for a friend)
6/14/07 - sewed a pair of pajama pants for my bonus son
6/12/07 - Bent Creek's "Snowman" Flatbed Zippie (pattern only) for a 123 member's son
5/31/07 - completed square 5 of 16 for my "Town Square" afghan
5/19/07 - stitched a small card for a 123 member's son
5/18/07 - stitched an apple from a Glory Bee pattern and placed it in a tuck pillow for a teacher's gift
5/17/07 - altered the size and stitched Lizzie Kate's "To My Teacher" for a teacher's gift
5/14/07 - Lizzie Kate's "To My Teacher" for a teacher's gift
5/13/07 - a teacher's gift by Anna Lee Waite Designs that says, "Teachers who love teaching teach children to love learning."
4/22/07 - a freebie "Pi, Er, Squared" for my Algebra instructor
4/14/07 - Pine Mountain pillow kit called "Sew Glad We're Friends" for a friend
4/8/07 - Shepherd's Bush "Forget Me Not" needleroll for a friend
3/25/07 - Pine Mountain pillow kit called "Play Ball" for my oldest son (Steven)
1/16/07 - sewed curtains, two fleece blankets, and three pillow cases for youngest DS's and bonus son's room
1/8/07 - Kreinik's "Snowglobe" 40 count silk gauze kit (over one)
1/7/07 - Hob Nobb's "Winter Blues" (for me)
1/6/07 - sewed curtains and a matching pillowcase for oldest son's room (Steven)

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