Friday, May 16, 2008

My life

A friend asked me yesterday if I was having any regrets since I quit Radilogy school. Nope, no regrets...and her question got me to thinking about my life. If you don't want to read sappy, sweet, happy stuff, then back out now.

I am so content. Not "content" like "having settled"...but "content" like "happy and at peace". My life is good. I have two beautiful and healthy boys and a husband that mean the world to me. (The boys are up for rent when their mouths get going and I'd consider loaning out my husband when he decides to use my food storage bowls to house greasy nuts and bolts when he and my oldest son are working on a truck.) I get to work at the shop doing the books while working with my husband/best friend and I get to play happy little homemaker, too. Every week I do our grocery shopping after making a menu which usually entails several new recipes. My little family sings my praises every night at dinner (they do love my cooking!) and we have wonderful conversations.

Today is a wonderful day. I got up with the family this morning, helped the boys do their hair (shhhhhhh - don't tell was a first and probably a last), and have piddled around the house ever since. I have had a relaxing bath, done laundry, started a roast in the crock pot for roast beast sandwiches for later (new recipe -- another perk of having extra time at home), posted on message boards, and played with the youngest cat (I tried to be affectionate to her but noooooooooooo). All of this and it's only 10:30 AM. See? Life is good.

The rest of today will be busy -- gotta work at the shop for a bit, wash the truck, clean up a little more around the house (dang cats and their fur balls that seem to accumulate overnight in almost every corner), finish up some laundry, and then this evening will find me stitching. Well, after the roast beast sandwiches, that is. ;-)

I hope everyone finds a reason to reflect and be happy today. *hugs*


Chiloe said...

It's great you found the kind of life that fit you (no stress, lots of stitching ;-) )

Gloria said...

This is the kind of post that puts a big smile on a mom's face.

Carolyn said...

This is the kind of post that puts a smile on MY face, too, Mama Gloria.

Love you girl....


P.S. But then you already knew that! LOL pantyhose rule

Rachel S said...

That is wonderful.

I try to remember that happiness is wanting what you've got, not getting what you want.

Cyndi said...

You know, I'm there, too. It took 27 years, but I can say I'm "content." I think I got really lucky. I love being an empty nester. More stitching time!