Friday, May 23, 2008

Gingher scissors

Hi. My name is LoriRay and I am a scissor ho'. My scissors aren't just for collecting -- I actually use them and it feels good to do that. I don't plan on doing anything about my addiction so don't try and help me. There is no help for me. I am too far gone. See for yourself:

That's a picture of my entire Ginghers scissors collection. The two silver pairs at the top are the 8" spring-action and 4" spring-action scissors. The rest are all 4" embroidery scissors. The middle row from left to right are: Emma, Ashley, Freedom, Glory, and Bianca. The bottom row from left to right are: Julia, Katelynn, Lindsay, and Penelope.

Due to my scissor addiction, I am certain more Ginghers will find their way into my scissor collection along with a couple of cheap pairs and my new Heart's Content black cat scissors. Oh yeah, I forgot about the five scissor fob kits by Shepherd's Bush in my stash closet -- complete with matching scissors. One of these days, I'm going to make a ton of fobs for my scissors.

Ahhhhhhhhhh, I do love scissors. :-)


Aussie Stitcher said...

Love your scissors. Well done on completing all of the teachers gifts.

Elaine said...

Wow , those scissors look so pretty, especially the purple ones.

Would love to see a piccy of your Shepherds bush ones.


kimmyr said...

You have too many and I have none. LOL!
I bow down before you O Queen of Gingher's!

Cyndi said...

A regular 12-step program just won't work for your addiction, Lori-Ray. It's time for an intervention. Back away from the scissors.

I have ONE pair of scissors - and they're left over from my scrapbooking days - I don't even have any kind of embroidery fancy schmancy ones.

(Did I make you laugh?)

Gloria said...

When I raid your stash closet, I'm taking the Julia scissors. You might want to go ahead and order a replacement now. :)

LoriRay said...

OMGosh, y'all crack me up! For real! HAHAHAHAHA ;-)

LoneStar said...

Alas, I can never aspire to be a scissor ho'. I am too neanderthal with my scissors; I frequently drop them and break off the points, or spring them where they won't cut on the point (and are thereby rendered useless). I buy the cheapies at HL with the 40% off coupon. (Does this make me a CHEAP scissor ho'?

Anyway, I'll just admire and lust after yours from afar. Although, maybe Gloria and I need to make a road trip to a certain stash closet - north through Wichita Falls and hang a right at Lawton...

Lisa (Texan)

LoriRay said...

Attn: Cheap Scissor Ho'

You might want to take a left at Lawton. That would get you to the stash closet much quicker than a right. I mean, like years quicker. LOL

You are welcome at my house anytime. I even have some remodeling you could do while you're here so you'd feel right at home. That's just how thoughtful I am. *snort* ;-)

LoneStar said...

Oh good grief. My verbal right/left dys-something kicked in. I can read a map, follow directions without any problem, and I do know my right from my left. However, I have a problem verbally expressing "right/left." DH just looks where I'm pointing and doesn't listen to what I say when I navigate in the car. And I usually just draw people a map instead of trying to tell them verbally. Or I say north/south/east/west. I don't have any problem with these. Weird, huh? :-)

All that said, I do know where 'bouts you live and could find the stash closet if I turn west at Lawton (on NW Cache Rd even)!

I'll bring my cut-in brush and my paint roller.

Lisa (Texan)

Lisa said...

You guys are toooooo funny. Love the scissors. Hi from another Lisa and a fellow Okie. Where in OK are you? Hope you don't mind me adding you.

LoriRay said...

Hi to another Lisa! :) I went and visited your blog and added you to my favorites. Oh my gosh, we have waaaaaayyyyy too much in common! We are also a Nascar family and my youngest son used to race go-karts over by Lawton.

E-mail me, okie dokie? I can't believe Oklahoma has another stitcher! Woo hoo! LOL

loriray2003 AT yahoo DOT com

Kim said...

Love your scissor collection...I didn't know the Freedom ones were out yet, guess I better be on the look out for them.

I enjoyed browsing through your blog and seeing all your projects, they all look great :)

KimberlyD said...

Ooh, Ginghers! My favorite! I didn't know you had Katelynn - I'm SOOOO jealous! Very nice collection.

Mistylynn said...

Hi LoriRay. I love your collection.