Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Last teacher's gift finished

Well, I finished the final teacher's gift this evening, just in time to give the teachers their gifts tomorrow. Whew! I opted to purchase the male teacher's gift but ended up stitching the three female teacher's gifts. I didn't do that just because the teacher was male but because my 6th grader insisted his male teacher loooooooooooves golf and would prefer a gift related to golfing. So, that's what I did and it ultimately allowed me to relax a bit in getting the third and final gift stitched instead of worrying about four.

The third and final gift is from a Leisure Arts pattern booklet and is mounted on an eraser for a dry erase or chalk board:

The last picture I have for you is a wonderful gift stitched for me by my mother. She did one of those Altoid tins! Daaaaaang, I've never even done one of those! LOL! Here is the outside (top) of the gorgeous tin she finished:

And here is the inside:

Did she do good or what??? I know I am impressed and honored to have this gift. Thanks a million, Mom. I love you.


Gloria said...

I told you it was my feeble attempt to do a tin. LOL
But I wanted to make one for you. I am glad you like it.

Love you

P.S. Great work on the teacher gifts.

kimmyr said...

Teachers gift is just adorable and Lori...your mom did a fantastic job on that tin! Very cool!

Rachel S said...

Lovely, simply lovely!