Monday, March 17, 2008

Major stash haul - woo hoo!

Between eBay, Mystic Stitch's recent sale, 123 Stitch, and more...the mail was good to me today. Here is a picture of everything spread out on the couch:

Now to tell you what everything is...

Top row, from left to right is: The Prairie Schooler Book # 144 "A Farmer's Almanac" pattern, The Prairie Schooler Book # 147 "Old MacDonald" pattern, The Prairie Schooler Book # 115 "Pins & Needles" pattern, and Shepherd's Bush "Garden Gate" kit.

Second row, from left to right is: "Needles and Pins" pattern by From The Heart, "Sheep May Safely Graze" pattern by Homespun Elegance, "Love Me" pattern by Hands To Work, "The Jelly Cabinet, Part II" pattern by Leisure Arts, "The Jelly Cabinet" pattern by Leisure Arts, "Crates & Sacks 3" pattern by Country Cross-Stitch, and "Breeds of Sheep" pattern by Amaryllis Artworks.

Third row, from left to right is: four Mystic Stitch patterns -- "The Solitude Collection - Fence With Snowscape", "The Solitude Collection - Twilight", "Before Sunrise", and "Crackling Silence".

The last (fourth) row, from left to right is all fabric I ordered from 123 Stitch: 16 count Water Lily aida 18 x 25 (for Lynne Nicoletti's Cats Fortune Teller chart I already have but I only need 12 x 12 of it for that). The other five pieces are to replenish fabric that I like to keep on hand but was running low on. They are each 18 x 27 and are 28 count Lambswool Jobelan, 32 count Country French Cafe Latte linen, 28 count Ivory Jobelan, 28 count Antique White Jobelan, and 28 count White Jobelan.

Woweeeee! Now I just have to wait for my package from Drema at Needlecraft Corner to arrive, my package from ABC Stitch Therapy, too, and a couple of things from eBay. :-))) The wagon will soon be calling my name. It has to 'cuz Lord knows I can't continue at this pace much longer! ;-)


Chiloe said...

Woo hoo !!!!!!!!!!!! what a great stash !!!!!!!! long hours of great fun await you ;)

kimmyr said...

I so need to find another job. Need more stash!!!!! LOL! Great haul my friend!

LoneStar said...

I bow to your prowess at stash asquisition. No wonder your mom likes to go shopping at "Hobby LoriRay!" Better hide the Jobelan when she comes to visit! Enjoy your stash. Lisa (Texan)

LoriRay said...

Y'all crack me up! LOL!

Thanks for the comments - much appreciated. :)

I must get back on that wagon soon, and stay on it!