Thursday, March 27, 2008

Top Secret project revealed!

Recently I finished a "top secret" project that I sent to a friend. Well, she got her package today so I can post pictures here. It is a friedship needleroll by Down Sunshine Lane:

I also sent her half of a Shareables magnet that says "Bound by heart strings". She is a very special person and deserves for people to be good to her. :-)


Carolyn said...

And what a lucky friend I am to have been the recipient of this BEAUTIFUL needleroll and needle magnet. You are just the sweetest and totally made my day! Yep, I feel the love! LOL Seriously, you did an awesome job on it and it already has a special place to be shown off. I may snag you picture for my blog. :)

GIRLFRIEND! You've had some major stash haulitis going on. I knew you said you ordered stuff, but did the truck have the back up beep button going on when it arrived??? That should do you for a couple days anyway. I've been buying like there is no tomorrow, too. I need to stitch and stay off of ONS sites. I do my worst damage late at night, as I know you can relate.

Early night for me tonight since I will be leaving for Nac tomorrow, but thank you again from the absolute bottom of my heart for the wonderful gifts. Pantyhose rule, BFF!!


LoriRay said...

You are most welcome. :) Thanks for gushing about the gifts. You've made my day, too.

LOL @ your comments about "stash haulitis"! Brad says there was a back-up beeper on the trucks and that they needed a forklift but I don't believe him. ;)

Enjoy your little gifts and I hope Kevin has an excellent game tomorrow. Give little Kaylabug a hug from me. Wish I could be there with ya'!