Saturday, March 29, 2008

Another Pine Mountain pillow finish...

Aren't Pine Mountain kits fabulous? I mean, you get everything you need (with the exception of a pillow form sometimes) and they are so much fun to stitch up. Pine Mountain pillow kits are a nice -- and sometimes much-needed -- break from BAPs, too. I love 'em! And now that I've done a totally shamless advertising plug, here's my latest finish:

I started this and finished it today. It looks so cute with my other year 'round snowman stuff but for now he is sitting on a shelf all alone. I, uh, kinda ran out of room on the one shelf I had dedicated to year 'round snowman stuff already and had to start another shelf. Oops. Guess I'll have to stitch up another Pine Mountain kit with a snowman or winter theme. Gee, whatta bummer. ;-)


Rachel S said...

How pretty is that?

Carolyn said...

Now that is just the cutest! I love PM, too. Quick finishes and they look good. This one is adorable.

Hugs, my friend,