Sunday, March 16, 2008

Uh oh!

I have discovered a new passion. Smalls. You know, like needlerolls, needlebooks, etc. Oh holy cow -- just when I thought I had all the cross-stitch addictions a girl could have, I go and discover smalls. Keep in mind that I've loved needlerolls for a while now, but if it's small (and especially if it's a needlework accessory)...look out. I just added a new link over on the right-hand side called "World's Largest Collection of Smalls Blog". Go check it out...if you dare. *mwah hahahahaha*

There is an order coming from Drema at Needlecraft Corner that is making it's merry little way to me as we speak. I will try my best to not tackle the mailman and raid his mail truck each day until the package arrives. No guarantees, but I will try. Two of the items in the box are the "Where Stitchers Gather" chart AND the accessory pack. *thud* I can't wait. I spent all of about three and a half seconds drooling over the picture of that thing and BAM...I ordered it. There is no hope for me. ;-)

My Start-itis flared up again last night. I can't say what it is yet because I will be mailing it out to a friend along with another little goodie. It's top secret for now, but I should have it finished within the next couple of days. Pictures will come after the recipient has it in her little hands, so be patient. :-)

If I don't forget, the secret project will be the first I add to my new stitcher's diary/journal. I thought it would be neat to keep track of projects, especially the ones I don't keep for myself. The plan so far is to log in the journal the projects I don't keep. We'll see.

Meanwhile, I should go be productive instead of sitting here spending money I shouldn't spend. (But this is soooooooo much more fun!) Now that I am officially on Spring Break, I have been stitching and it feels goooooooooood, too.

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