Saturday, April 12, 2008

And another Pine Mountain pillow finish...

Yep, I finished another Pine Mountain pillow for my snowman shelf. Okay, so this isn't really a "snowman" pillow, but it's winter and it has snow...that's close enough. ;-)
With as many Pine Mountain pillows kits as I had accumulated -- and there's still plenty more in my stash closet -- it's nice to get a few of them stitched up. It's even more nice to look at them all arranged on the shelves.
Back to other stitching now...who knows what I'll stitch next? I spent hours last night fondling stash and kitting up stuff. Then I found myself online placing an order for more stash to finish kitting up a few things. It's almost wagon time, folks.


Gloria said...

That is very pretty. Now you need to stitch something for me! I'll go stand by the mailbox.

Love you!

Rachel S said...

That is so cute. Why do I never see the really cute ones? Why do my LNSs not carry them?