Sunday, April 20, 2008

Another quick, small finish

This is a little adirondack (sp?) chair that I painted probably 5 years ago. It's a dark green and I had been meaning all these years to stitch a quick lil' something for my mother and her love of gardening. Well, here it is! It was hard to get a good picture because the stitching is behind glass but I think you can see everything.
This was a fun and very fast stitch...I think it took me 2 hours and that was with watching the news and visiting with Brad and the boys, too. LOL!
Now that I look at it, my centering left a lot to be desired but that's easily fixed. :-)


Gloria said...

WOO HOO something for ME! It is adorable and I LOVE it!

Love you!

Scotstitcher said...

What a cute finish. I just love the little chair.


Carolyn said...

Well now isn't that just the cutest! You have a smokin' needle, girlfriend! You are knocking out those finishes like crazy! You go girl!!!

Love ya,
Carolyn :)

P.S. Promoted your blog on mine. :)

KimberlyD said...

Adorable finish, LoriRay! I love adirondack chairs. Great job!

Kim said...

That chair is a really cute finish and I love the photo you posted of Always & Forever, that is a very pretty color.