Sunday, April 13, 2008

"Love Letters" is finally finished!

And there it is! :-) We went to Oklahoma City yesterday so I was able to get to a Hobby Lobby much quicker than originally anticipated. I found the perfect braided cording and glued it on a little while ago. I used pins to hold it in place until the glue was dry enough. You might still be able to spot a few areas where the glue has not finished drying and is slightly visible but I just couldn't wait any longer to take the picture and get it posted.

I'm actually a little proud of my first flat-fold. My next flat-fold will be better but this one is just fine where it sits on Brad's nightstand now. :-)

P.S. to Mom - Don't think you got away with your comment on my last post. Hah! ;-)

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Scotstitcher said...

Your flat-fold looks really pretty!